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Oil and gas data, E&P analysis and upstream petroleum reports on demand

On-call is an on-demand support service providing companies with direct access to our team of industry specialists and our suite of Information Solutions. The service draws upon our global databases, industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide data and assistance, quickly and cost-effectively.


Industry knowledge, combined with commercial expertise, is vital to the decision-making process. However, due to the demand for ever-greater efficiency and competitive advantage, companies have gaps in their skills and knowledge base. In the Petroleum Services group at Deloitte, we are helping our clients to bridge their knowledge gap through the provision of On-call support.

Our integrated suite of Information Solutions underpins On-call. These decision support tools enable our team to visualise oil and gas information from spatial, financial and reporting perspectives, giving them an unparalleled view of the industry. On-call clients communicate directly with our regional data team, consisting of Petroleum Engineers, Economists, Geologists and GIS specialists, and receive priority attention.


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